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Phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) is our main area of expertise, we use the latest and most advanced PAUT technologies. With a combination of commercial & own designed scanner/manipulator solutions, we get the job done in the most efficient way possible. We inspect welds & corrosion map on pipes from 3/4" (OD Ø26mm) to vessels and plates.    



Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) is a very good complement to PAUT inspection. TOFD have high probability of detection (POD) & is known to give accurate height & depth of defects. TOFD can also be used to measure corrosion height in weld root areas.


Automated Ultrasonic Testing

Automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) and automated PAUT (PA-AUT)  is a great way to do a UT inspection with high POD and easy comparability to detect and measure growth of defects over time. The most common AUT/A-PAUT is an X Y manipulator crawler that covers larger areas with a pre-determent grid size. An AUT scanner/manipulator can be customized built to fit for your inspection needs.

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Surface NDT methods

NDT Methods that detect surface braking defects are Magnetic particle Testing (MT), Penetrant Testing (PT), Visual Testing (VT) and Eddy current Testing (ET).
JA-Inspect have certified personnel to perform these inspection methods and we can help you chose a suitable method if wanted.