Bolt inspection 

Fast reliable inspection

all notches ref bolt and overview.png

Reference bolt

A reference bolt is used to ensure sensitivity for the inspection object. this is a 180mm long Ø32mm reference bolt with 3 notches.

notch 1:

30mm from surface 1mm deep 10mm long.

Notch 2:

110mm from surface 1,5mm deep 12mm long.

Notch 3:

160mm from surface 1mm deep 10mm long

alla notcher.png

Inspection data

All 3 indications are easy detectable projected in the correct position and with use of a CAD model of the reference bolt its even easier to determent where the indications appears from. Reporting and analyze time is reduced and bolt with flaws can be replaced.

ind b2 mast 12 retur.png

Example of inspection

450 bolts was inspected in 3 days, two bolts was found with defects. picture to the left showing one of the bolts inspected. Both crack indication and corrosion indication was found. the two bolts was replaced and down time was reduced to a few hours instead of 14 days +