Advantage of automated and encoded inspections

Time and grid

With state of the art PAUT equipment, inspection speeds can be extremely high. For corrosion mapping, inspection speeds of up to 300mm/s can be reached. combined with a wide probe, large areas can be inspected in short periods of time with a grid as small as 0.5 x 0.5mm.
For weld inspections, all angles can be used at the same time and depending on the weld setup several meters of weld can be inspected per hour.

sacn overview 3d.PNG


Inspections can be repeated easily year after year with detailed equipment and settings stored at the inspection files and in the reports. The only thing needed in the field is a simple X & Y datum point, this can be everything from a permanent marker to a weld.

JASA 12inch scann_edited.jpg

Post processing and analyzing

When using encoded UT inspection one is able to post process and post analyze collected DATA. This is useful for comparing data from one time to another to see development and to document inspection results. Post processing of data is used on more comlex inspection s to get more information out of the collected DATA. One example of when post processed DATA is useful is on complex geometries to find out if the indication is geometry or defect related.

bend line scan.png