JA-SP scanner or JA-Inspect Small Pipe scanner, can inspect pipes from 3/4 " to 3". This scanner type only need a 35mm clearance between pipe and surrounding structure. JASP scanners can inspect over welds and up to 10mm from start of bends or supports. With its 2 axis encoded option and TFM (Total Focusing Method) it is optimal for corrosion mapping small pipes with small defects.



JA-SA or JA-Inspect Semi Automatic scanner can be customized to scan areas from 100mm - 1000mm wide. Using a 64 element probe with a 45 mm aperture width and a 300 mm/s  scan speed, inspection data can be collected really fast. JA-SA using 2 encoders to track position in X and Y direction and one motor on the Y direction to move the probe the correct length sideways. This scanner is optimal to scan pipes from 4" to flat surfaces. It's easy to re-configure from corrosion mapping to Weld inspection. With its magnetic wheels it can scan pipes, vessel and plates in any direction.



With Automated Phased array inspection you get a fast and precise inspection area, With a steerable crawler on magnetic wheels the possibility of inspecting large pressure vessels or cistern without scaffolding or rope access.


3 Axis Corrosion Scanner


With PAUT and TFM bolts can be inspected for cracks and corrosion without dismounting. this is a quick inspection method and is both time and cost effective.

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Nozzle inspection can be performed with a 3-axis scanner to get the weld overlay as correct as possible around the nozzle weld.

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Real time TFM (Total Focusing Method) is the latest PAUT inspection type. TFM canbe used on many different inspection objects. With over 1 million points to calculate in real time this inspection is not the fastest, but it is necessary to detect the smallest indications. TFM sends out a wave with one element and receives with all elements, with an algorithm the machine calculate where the sound is reflected from.

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The gasket surface of flanges can be inspected for corrosion without opening/dismounting of flange. In combination with bolt inspection, this is a time and cost saving in service inspection method.

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